Honest Review: Sukin Skincare Pink Clay Facial Masque

One of the most important products in my simple skincare routine is a facial mask. I have always included a face mask in my routine to give my pores a deep cleanse, soothe my sensitive skin and to make me feel a goddess.

At home facials have become a norm for me since the COVID-19 outbreak, as beauty parlours were temporarily closed and I had more time on my hands since I could not go out. Now that restrictions have been eased and life is somewhat back to normal in Perth, I still do my own facials at home.

Why Do I Need a Facial Mask?

I have reviewed other face masks before which all worked really well, but as you know I like trying new things especially from brands I had never heard of before. Before quarantine began I looked for an affordable, cruelty-free clay mask to keep during my time indoors.

The brand that ticked every box and was so accessible for me was Sukin. Sukin is a cruelty-free Australian skincare brand with a range of products suitable for every skin type. I decided to try their Pink Clay Facial Masque from their Sensitive Skin range.

The Product

The mask is made up of natural ingredients and is free from nasties such as sulphates, silicone and synthetic fragrances. The main ingredients are:

  • Bentonite Clay
  • Aloe Vera
  • Cucumber
  • Chamomile
The Good Stuff

This facial mask is so gentle and soothing! I did not experience any mild irritations or breakouts. It is clay, which is my favourite type of mask. Unlike other clay masks, it does not dry out my skin but instead adds more hydration which makes my skin feel smoother and adds a soft glow.

The Sukin Pink Clay Facial Masque is a quick drying mask, so I don’t waste time waiting for it dry and I have more time to attend to other tasks, such as watching another reality show on Netflix or eating my 50th snack of the day. Since the mask is quick drying and has very little active ingredients, I do apply it twice a week. It extracts environmental pollutants that may be beneficial for people like me who have returned to on-campus classes or work. It still works well if you are still staying indoors as quarantine skin can be a nuisance!

To Be Honest…

As much as I appreciate how gentle this mask is, I still do not think that it does an effective job at deep pore cleansing. My skin just does not feel as clean or refreshed afterwards, but it is still soft and glowing. However, it does not extract every impurity on my face that is a little disappointing. I guess this mask would work for people who just want to have soft and glowing skin. However, if you want a proper deep pore cleanse, I suggest you try another clay mask or a peel-off mask.

Another problem I have with this product is the plastic packaging. I hope that it will be replaced with a sustainable alternative. I will reuse the plastic tub once the product is finished.

Do I Still Use It?

Yes. I still use it twice a week as part of my self-care routines. I have found other products which help with pore cleansing, so for now the mask just helps add that extra glow.

Get Some

This facial mask is an affordable drugstore mask, which can be found at Clicks (South Africa), Priceline (Australia) or on the Sukin website.

Rating: 7/10

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-Kayla Shivana

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  1. This product should be take off the market.. It contains dangerous irritants..
    It is time the company owned up to a product that can cause plenty of complications to its users.


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