Honest Review: Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

I have tried many products from Lush in my journey to organic and cruelty-free beauty. Out of all of the bath bombs, hair products and face products, my favourite has been the Lush Fresh Face Masks.

The Lush Fresh Face Masks are face masks comprised of fresh and organic ingredients. The masks are so fresh that you can only buy them in stores and you have to keep them refrigerated. Since my journey to better and ethical skincare began I have tried three Lush Fresh Face Masks for sensitive and dry skin.

My Journey

The first mask I tried was Oatifix. I wrote a review about it in which I described the ingredients and results. I gave it an 8/10 as my cheeks were quite red and itchy after using the mask. After speaking to a Lush employee, we considered that it might have been the banana that may have irritated my skin a little bit.


The next mask I used was the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask. I did not write a review on it but I did include it in my skincare routine post. The clay mask contains ingredients such as blueberries, chamomile and calamine. I was very happy with the mask and I used it for 4 months. If I had to give it a rating, it would give it 9/10. It loses one point because it whitened my whole face, making me look really pale.


I discussed this problem with another Lush employee at the Fresher than You Event in October. She said that she had experienced the same problem! So, she recommended one of the newest Fresh Face Masks which was the Rosy Cheeks Mask – a clay mask for sensitive and troubled skin.

The Product

The mask is made up fresh ingredients and is packaged in a recyclable pot. The main ingredients are:

  • Fresh Rose Petals – tones skin.
  • Rose Oil – soothes and moisturises.
  • Calamine Powder – calms sensitive/irritated skin.
  • Kaolin – natural occurring clay that exfoliates.
The Good Stuff

I was a little hesitant at first to use this mask because of the main ingredient being rose. I was always under the impression that roses or any other flower with a strong fragrance would be too harsh for sensitive skin. But I trusted Lush and went ahead with it.

I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth it felt.  My skin did not burn or itch once. After washing it off I could feel how soft my skin was. My complexion was evened out and my scars were brightened. Another thing I noticed was that the mask brought out some blackheads. I usually remove blackheads by using peel off masks but it seems like this mask  does everything.

To Be Honest…

I love this mask. I can’t find any fault in it.

Do I Still Use It?

Yes! I use it every Sunday and Wednesday. It is my favourite Lush Fresh Face Mask.

Get Some

I highly recommend the  Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask if you want an even skin tone, a deep pore cleanse and a beautiful matte finish.

Rating: 10/10

-Kayla Shivana

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