Honest Review: LUSH Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

I must be honest, I used to think that Lush only sold bath bombs because of all of the videos of bath bombs I saw on Instagram. But when Plastic Free July came around I heard about their naked packaging (plastic free packaging) and then I learnt more about their products. So, I decided to visit the Lush store at The Zone in Rosebank.

I was greeted by a sweet Lush store assistant. I told her that it was my first time at Lush and that I’m interested in trying their products because of their eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients.

We went through the store together and she told me about products that I might like. I ended up leaving the store with five sample pots, a fresh mask face and an essential oil bar. I was very excited to test out all of these new products.

The Product

I bought the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask for dry and sensitive skin. The mask is made up fresh ingredients and is packaged in a recyclable pot. The main ingredients are:

  • Oats – helps soothe the skin and reduces itching
  • Banana – provides moisture and gives your skin that ‘glow’
  • Ground almonds – exfoliates the skin
  • Illipe butter – provides moisture (for dry skin)
  • Sandalwood oil – gets rid of scars and spots and
  • Glycerin – soothes the skin

The Good Stuff

This mask is really effective. I used it every Sunday (because Sunday is facial day) and after two use I could see the results. It even my skin tone and most of my scars faded. My skin felt so refreshed. I even gave it tomy brothers to use and they loved it! They couldn’t believe how clear their skin was after one use. Oh, and this mask smells absolutely amazing.

To Be Honest…

The only bad thing about this mask is that it left my cheeks a little red, and when I first applied it I felt a little burning sensation on my skin. However, that sensation went away after a few seconds.

Do I Still Use It?

I am not using Oatifix at the moment. I went back to the Lush store and told them about the burning and redness. They recommended another fresh face mask which I am currently testing. I will probably write a review about it once my trial period is over. However, I would use the Oatifix again.

Get Some

I highly recommend the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask mask if you want to give your skin a good clean, and if you want an even skin tone. First, do some research on what works best on your skin type or simply go to the store and ask a friendly Lush assistant to help you.

Rating: 8.5/10

This is my first product review post! I hope you enjoyed it. There is more to come…

-Kayla Shivana

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