Top 10 Everyday Cruelty-Free Makeup Products from South Africa

I have received many requests to share my favourite everyday makeup products. I don’t actually wear makeup every single day, but if I have classes or just going grocery shopping, I like to wear some makeup just to look more awake – and alive. My everyday makeup look is more of a natural and dewy look. I don’t really like matte that much so everything I’ve listed below is either dewy or shiny.

  1. Primer – TI apply this before anything else. I like this primer from Wet n Wild because it is so smooth and gentle on my skin.IMG_2261
  2. Foundation –  This Sorbet foundation is so far the best cruelty-free foundation I have used. It is light in texture, doesn’t cake and is easy to blend.IMG_2262
  3. Concealer – I like to keep two concealers with me. One is my skin tone which i use to cover marks like pimples and scars. The other one is a shade lighter which I use to highlight. I like these concealors from Wet n Wild as they provide full coverage with very little product.IMG_2263
  4. Eyebrow pencil –  There is nothing like defined brows to complete your whole look. I don’t fill my brows too much because I like the natural ‘messy’ look. Essence Cosmetics has the best and most affordable eyebrow pencils that are easy to apply.IMG_2264
  5. Eyeliner – Depending, on the season and event I alternate between three eyeliner colours- brown, black and white. It’s summer now so I mainly use brown. I like to use Essence Kajal pencils since they don’t smudge at all.IMG_2265
  6. Mascara –  I have naturally long eyelashes so I use this Wet n Wild mascara for more definition.IMG_2267
  7. Blush –  I always need a little colour on my cheeks because I am quite pale. In summer I prefer using soft pink shades. This blush gives the natural rosy cheeks look.IMG_2266
  8. Bronzer – This golden bronzer from The Body Shop is my favourite product as it provides that ‘sunkissed’ look in summer.IMG_2269
  9. Lipstick – I think that Wet n Wild has a great range of lipsticks. My favourite lipstick to use everyday is ‘Sand-Storm’. The colour is quite subtle and ‘natural’ and almost looks nude on my skin.
    BTW: It looks messed up because I use it so often and I have dropped it many times.IMG_2268
  10. Face Mist – As I said before, I love a natural, dewy look. I use face mist instead of powder to set my makeup mostly because powder dries out my skin. This Body Shop face mist is light, creates that dewy  look and smells amazing. I carry it with me everywhere especially in summer as I tend to sweat a lot.IMG_2270

You could use this list as a guideline to start your own cruelty-free makeup collection. Starting your cruelty-free collection can seem daunting at first, but like many great things you have to start small. You don’t have to expand your collection. If you prefer the simple things in life then you can stick to these ten basic products.

I hope you liked this post and feel inspired to start (or add to) your cruelty-free makeup collection!


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