Welcome to Green Contours,

I am Kayla Shivana, blogger and the creator of Green Contours. I started this blog to raise awareness on animal testing in the beauty industry, inspire readers to support cruelty-free, vegan and ethical beauty brands.

Where it all began…

Believe it or not, but Green Contours started as an academic blog in 2016. I was halfway through completing my undergraduate degree in English Studies where I took a class in micro-blogging. My lecturer at the time was also an environmental activist. He gave us the task of creating free WordPress blogs and every week we were required to publish an academic blog post about a specific environmental topic. This was when I finally realised how I can use my voice online for a bigger cause. At the end of the semester I decided to keep the domain and completely revamped the site.

I changed Green Contours into a personal blog, combining my passion for beauty and the writing. My dream is to inspire my readers to use cruelty-free and ethical beauty products.

I believe that the journey to clean beauty should be accessible, inclusive and fun.

Are you ready to join me on this journey?

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