Honest Review: Shampoo With A Purpose (SWAP) Plastic-Free Shampoo Bars

I have always been intrigued by the zero-waste hair community. I’ve hesitated to try any of the zero-waste products because of my fussy curls. Transitioning from different brands is hard enough. To now move from bottled liquid products to soaps seems like a challenge but I was up for it. I couldn’t have asked for a better zero-waste brand to start with than Shampoo With A Purpose (SWAP).


I received a package from SWAP containing two soaps, two full sized shampoo bars and a pack of samples of their other shampoo bars.

About The Brand

Shampoo With A Purpose is an Australian small, family business. The brand’s mission is to reduce plastic-waste by producing zero-waste and affordable alternatives for everyday use. So far the SWAP shampoo bars have saved over 2 000 000 (TWO MILLION!) shampoo and conditioner bottles from being made and used!

SWAP Bars and their sustainable packaging.

The Product(s)

Since there are so many products to review in this post I will provide a brief description of each product.


The name is self-explanatory. The ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, natural coconut and Moroccan argan oil. All ideal for dry hair and what I normally look for in a hair product.


This shampoo bar contains herbal ingredients such as seaweed extract, ginseng, sage and rosemary to promote hair volume and growth. Ideal for dull/flat hair.


For dry or damaged hair, this shampoo bar contains natural ingredients including oatmeal, sandalwood, Lilly Pilly and chia seed extract.

The sample Dry or Damaged shampoo bar after a few uses.


Another straightforward name! This bar contains the ingredients avocado, Kakadu plum, sweet almond oil and jojoba for those who have colour treated hair.


My Trial Month

During my trial month I managed to test every sample bar except for the Colour Treated bar – as I haven’t coloured my hair recently although I will try it soon! I dedicated two weeks to each bar. Keeping in mind that it can take some time for hair to adjust to new products, so my review is based on temporary results. I also continued to use the same hair conditioner I have been using for months, as it recommended to continue with conditioner during the transition period.

Despite the short sample time I still noticed some positive changes to my hair!

The Good Stuff


This was my favourite shampoo bar. Firstly, this shampoo bar contains my favourite haircare ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter and Moroccan argan oil) so I was very eager to try it! I saw instant results after the first use. My curls felt softer and looked extra shiny. As I applied the bar to my wet hair, I could already feel how creamy it was. This bar definitely has the most moisturising properties, so even after I rinsed it out my hair felt cleaner and more moisturised.

The results after using THE O.G. Shampoo Bar


The first thing I noticed about this bar was its beautiful, herbal scent. So, once I used it I felt confident knowing that my hair smelled good! It was extremely refreshing to wash my hair with this bar probably because of the herbal ingredients. My hair definitely had extra volume during this time.

Curly hair after using the VOLUME Shampoo Bar
Straightened hair after using the VOLUME Shampoo Bar. Notice the shine!


This was the first bar I tried from the package as my hair was really damaged from being straightened all winter! It took some time for my hair to adjust to a shampoo bar. Once I figured out how to properly apply the product, I could see better results. First off, my hair looked extra glossy which was one of my concerns after it went through so much heat damage. Secondly, it worked well with my curls. It added more curl definition which was surprising as my curls generally take time to go back to their natural state after being straightened multiple times. This product is so close to being my favourite if it weren’t for the additional moisturising ingredients of THE O.G. shampoo bar.

Curly hair after using the DRY OR DAMAGED Shampoo Bar

To Be Honest…

While I was mostly impressed with the overall results of the shampoo bars there were some minor issues I encountered with only bar. That bar was the VOLUME shampoo bar. While I did like the extra volume, I noticed how extra dry my hair felt afterwards. I can’t point out exactly what caused my hair to dry or whether one of the natural ingredients caused dryness, but I knew that I had to switch to a more moisturising bar.


Do I Still Use It?

I am currently still using THE O.G. shampoo bar! It is now part of my updated curly hair routine and I am loving the results. My curls will definitely be ready for summer.

Get Some

You can order shampoo bars and more zero-waste products straight from the SWAP website. If you are in Australia, you can find a selection of products at various stockists too!

-Kayla Shivana

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