The First Step to Stop Buying from Fast Fashion Brands

Starting my journey to slow fashion was difficult. I wasn’t sure where to start. Ethical clothes were too expensive and not to my taste. Thrift and vintage stores were too far. The journey seemed almost impossible for me. I was in a dilemma: do I buy less clothes from fast fashion brands because they’re affordable or do I splurge on ethical brands?

Learning more about the fast fashion industry and its effects on the planet and human rights made me want to make a change immediately. I felt pressure to switch to slow and ethical fashion, but I still had a closet full of clothes, most of which I haven’t worn yet.

So what did I do? I decided to stop buying more clothes. Simple. Instead of adding to my pile, I embraced it. Thus began my fashion fast. I made a decision to not buy any new clothes for six months (September 2018 – February 2019), and to wear my closet out.

I did the fast to stop my contribution towards the fast fashion industry and to embrace what I have. I learned the value of taking care of my clothes and extending their lifespan. The fun part of this fashion fast was exploring my own style by using what I already have instead buying new clothes. Plus, I saved a lot of money and time.

I think it’s a great gateway to slow fashion. Now that I am no longer ‘fasting’ I won’t go on a shopping spree but I will donate some clothes that I’ve outgrown and buy ethical summer or vintage clothes. This is a great way for me to start my little ethical closet.

– Kayla Shivana

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