Summer Plants – South Africa

It’s the middle of summer in South Africa and everything is in full bloom. I really like this time of summer, in spite of the unbearable warm temperatures. However, like us humans, the heat also affects plants so it’s important to know how to take care of them during the summer.


The quality of soil is important to the growth of a plant. This is actually applicable throughout the year. Make sure that the soil is healthy. Put fertiliser on or around the plants to keep the soil fertile and healthy. Keep the soil loose. This will allow more water to flow.



We’re very lucky in Johannesburg because it rains heavily during the summer. This helps keeps the garden fresh and hydrated. Although, it doesn’t rain every day. On those dry days, water your plants to prevent them from wilting. Soaking is effective especially for plants like lavender. One easy way to soak your plants is to throw a large amount of ice around the plant. Don’t water plants during the day, especially at midday. The water will evaporate quickly leaving the plants dry and burnt.



Different plants may or may not need shade. It’s better to keep full sun or semi shade plants in summer. Majority of summer plants like sunflowers, daisies and lavender need full sun exposure. Some semi shade plants include arum lilies, stargazers, and vegetable plants.


It won’t take long for you to do these simple tasks every week. Let’s keep the earth healthy and happy.

– Kayla

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