Sustainable Alternatives for Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the most pointless single-use plastics on earth. They get used for one shopping trip and are either disposed immediately or stored away in a large plastic bag full of other plastic bags. Plus, they are aesthetically unappealing.

Like many people I have used plastic bags as bin liners. It’s easy to throw trash into. Now, learning that there is no ‘away’, I recycle waste and have completely given up on plastic bags. Why? Plastic shopping bags take hundreds of years to decompose. Animals normally suffocate from plastic bags that end up in their natural habitats.

I have found two ways to avoid using plastic bags. The first is to use reusable shopping bags. I love these shopping bags because they are efficient and aesthetically pleasing. I use two types of shopping bags. I use polypropylene bags which are ideal for grocery shopping. They are durable and easy to clean (in case of a leak). I got my bag from Woolworths for only R35. It’s better to spend R35 once than to pay for every plastic bag.

The second type of bag I use is a canvas bag. During my second and final years at university I carried a canvas bag instead of a backpack (most of the time) because most of my notes were on my tablet. I still have my bags because they’re cute and easier to carry if I go clothing shopping. They are also easy to store away.

The second best way I avoid using plastic bags is to just carry whatever I purchased myself. If I go to Dischem and buy one cleanser and a lipstick, then I don’t need a plastic bag. I either carry it or I throw it in my handbag.

Save a sea turtle’s life and make the decision to help beat plastic pollution.

– Kayla Shivana

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