What Is Happening To The Bee Population?

I am an optimist. I am a positive person. I like to believe that everything is all sunshine and rainbows, but being an environmentalist means being realistic. Optimism is important but we have to first know what we are dealing with and what caused certain things to occur. So, before we start saving the bees we first need to know why they are in trouble.

Who would have known that a little flying insect would end up being on the list of endangered species? Yes, bees are endangered. There are many factors that have caused the decline in the bee population over the years. Climate Change is obviously one of the main factors. There are other factors that are caused by humans.

Climate Change
The irregular weather patterns and drastic change in temperatures are caused by Climate Change. Because of this bees struggle to adapt to extreme weather patterns, especially freezing and rainy weather.

CCD & Insecticides
Colony Collapse Disorder is a common occurrence amongst bees. It happens when a colony just disappears. Scientists still don’t know what the cause of CCD is or whether bees die or migrate. It’s unusual for a colony to collapse since bees are team players and are loyal to their Queen Bee. I think that Climate Change is a factor of CCD and possibly  insecticides too. Insecticides kill insects (it’s in the name!). Using an insecticide in your garden is harmful to bees because it seeps into the nectar of flowers, the same nectar that bees collect and take back to the hive. Humans indirectly kill bees by using insecticides.

Human Cause
Humans also kill bees directly. I’ve seen it myself a hundred times. Bees are perceived as evil, monstrous insects out to sting any human in their way. People freak out when they see a bee and kill them before getting stung. When I see a bee, I just stay calm and still until it buzzes away. Now and then one would find it way into my home and I would just keep a door or a window open for it. I’m not allergic to bee stings and I have been stung before. I know some people are allergic to them and I can understand why they would be afraid of being stung, but if you stay calm they won’t bother you. Bees can sense when someone is afraid. When they sense fear they feel threatened and essentially attack. So whatever you do, stay calm and still until a bee flies away!

Kayla Shivana

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