How to Recycle Old Makeup

I am really excited about this post because it is about getting rid of old cosmetics, including makeup and nail polish.

I started taking makeup seriously only two years ago when I was in university. Since then I bought a bunch of makeup and nail polish, half of which I barely used and are now expired. Trends come and go. Styles and personal taste changes and so do cosmetics.

Getting rid of old makeup isn’t easy because makeup in general is expensive and you wouldn’t want to throw away something you spent so much money on. But how else can we make space for new makeup?

Cleaning out your makeup stash is so important, not only because you have more space and less clutter, but also because old makeup is not good for your skin. Makeup has expiry dates and once it expires it smells bad. Applying old makeup to your face will lead to breakouts. So, knowing what and when it expires is important.

I have provided three of the most sustainable and eco – friendly ways of getting rid of old cosmetics. At this point I haven’t heard of any recycling companies that do recycle makeup but the packaging (plastic containers, glass bottles, etc) are completely recyclable!

Clean and Recycle

Empty out all tubes, eyeshadow cases, containers, etc, into a jar and clean the packaging. Recycle the packaging and throw out the container full of old makeup.

Get Creative

If you like art and enjoy painting then you can actually use your old cosmetics to create new art! Instead of paying a ton of money on paint and paint brushes, just use your old lipsticks, eyeshadow, nail polish and makeup brushes to create a piece of art. This was something I discovered about on Pinterest. I was so impressed by the artworks some people made. It’s so creative and super eco – friendly.

Sharing is Caring

Ever bought a lipstick that you thought would look good on you but when you put in on at home it looked horrible? That happened to me when I bought this light orange matte lipstick. It was too bright and did not match my skin complexion at all. I couldn’t return it so I left it lying around in my room. One day one of my cousins tried it on it looked great on her! She loved it and eventually kept it for herself. This is a great way of giving new but unwanted makeup. So, give that new lipstick, eyeshadow, blush or nail polish to whomever wants it more or who you think will suit best.

I hope you found this short post helpful. If you know of more of recycling old cosmetics then please share!

-Kayla Shivana

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